House Events

Once every half term we organise a house event, where the whole school get into their house groups and work as a group to complete an activity set.

We made friendship chains, Queen Oak won with a chain long enough to go from one end of the hall to the other and along the corridor to the main office.

We held inter house sport challenges Tag Rugby and Netball. Chaffeymoor won overall.

We held Pancake races Sandways were the winners .


First half of Spring Term we held a 100 event where each house was given 100 small pieces of paper to work on creating a whole finished design of their choice.

Chaffeymoor won with a lovey design of 100 Children playing in a park.

Sandways had a wonderful picture with each one having 100 on it.

And Queen Oak drew 100 fish swimming in the sea.

Chaffeymoor in action creating their winning design.