Virtual Tour


The Outside of our School


This is the front of St George’s School, with our winter playground, play ship and apparatus.



This is our willow sculpture play tunnel,as you can see we use this all the time!


This is the extended section of our school with a fantastic outside play area that is ‘weather proof’ so    Reception can use it with their trikes and scooters.




This is our School Hall. We use our hall for assemblies, sports and for lunch times.  The hall is also used by the Tiddlers and Toddlers Club on Tuesday mornings from 9.30-11am. We hire our hall out at weekends and evenings to the community, this gives the community a lovely facility and allows them to see our wonderful displays of work.


This is a picture of our swimming pool, we use the pool every year, and have a swimming gala for all to see at the end of each summer.



We have improved the swimming pool by putting artificial grass round it and painting the sides of the pool this year. It is heated by an Air Source Heat pump with electricity from our solar panels.

 This is a picture of our large sports field, we use the field for Winter and Summer Sports, as well as playtimes.


This is our garden, we have planted potatoes, peas, raddish. beetroot and much more. We have been cooking with some of our vegetables as well.


 This is our flower pot lady who looks after our garden when we are not here. She was very kindly given to our school by Bourton Garden Club.


Here are our runner beans, they have grown alot because the weather has been wet and sunny.


This is our recycled greenhouse, we collected all of the used plastic bottles and we a little help from some parents built our fantastic greenhouse.




Here is a picture of our Spiritual Area. It has Prayer Pebbles that we can put into the water if we want to send a prayer to God.


This is St George’s Church, it is right next to our school and we have lots of services in the church through the year. We also help to decorate the church for festivals and sing in church for services and events.




Here is the Outdoor Classroom, it’s good for science lessons and reading. You can also see our Olympic sized Long Jump pit!



These numbers on our fence help us count, we made these ourselves during activities week.
Look closely and you will see all sorts of insects.


The Inside of our School
This is the entrance to our school



The main corridor in our school, this links the IT suite through to the main hall.


 Silver Base Classroom


 Gold Base Classroom


Blue Base Classroom 


Rainbow Base Classroom 


Our school hall 

This is our kitchen where we get our lunch