St George’s “Learnimals” Learning Powers

At St George’s School we believe that learning should be a life-long enterprise. We aim to develop our pupils “Learning Power”, not just so they can complete school learning more easily and effectively, but so they will leave school with the “disposition” (a set of habits and attitudes) which will serve them well as they boldly go through the journey of life. Starting this week we are introducing a new revised set of Learning Powers which we are naming our “Learnimals”.

What are “Learnimals”?

Our “Learnimal” characters all represent a different learning power. These help the children to become better learners. Each Learnimal is like a different “learning muscle” that need to be exercised so that they grow strong helping everyone become a better learner. They are all things which can be learnt, practised and improved.

Our “Learnimal” characteristics are there to help everyone create habits and attitudes which will enable learners to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively. It is about practical strategies that can be used in real situations. It is not about subject in itself, rather it is a “framework” that sits within all lessons.

Our “Learnimal” Characters:

Concentrating Camel                                                                          Questioning Queen Bee

Persevering Penguin                                                                           Imagining Iguana

Noticing Newt                                                                                     Reviewing Rabbit

Teamwork Tiger                                                                                 Planning Panda

Have a go Hyena                                                                                 Reasoning Robin








Each week, starting next week we will be presenting our new “Learnimal” certificates in Achievement Assembly. Can you collect a certificate for each “Learnimal”? This afternoon each “House” worked together on different challenges, tasks and games to see which “Learnimal” skill they could use. Ask your child which “Learnimal” they have been using during their school day.