The school is committed to offering the pupils the widest possible access to Computing and so, over the course of their time at the school, they will be given the opportunity to use a range of equipment including laptops, ipads, pc’s, floor turtles, audio recording equipment, scanners, digital cameras, ‘web cams’, digital video cameras, digital microscopes, data handlers and control technology.

Each class has timetabled slots for use of the Computer room to learn specific skills and to learn about the use of Computers as a tool. The children are also able to use laptops and ipads anywhere in the school during other lessons.

The school has filtered Broadband Internet connection and e-mail service. This allows the pupils to have access to a vast range of resources which are available on the Internet, subject to parents signing an acceptable use policy allowing their child access.

Within each classroom there is an interactive whiteboard and a networked computer to bring the wider world into the classroom and add to the stimulating environment.