The School Council and staff have decided that our three house groups should have names as well as colours. Suggestions were made and a vote was arranged so that all the children could have their say. The results of the vote were that we have chosen to name our houses after three areas of Bourton that were once separate settlements. We then picked the names out of a hat to decide which name went with which colour. The results are as follows:

Chaffeymoor (Blue)

Queen Oak (Red)

Sandway (Yellow)

Click on the link below to see the complete teams

House Teams 2017-2018


Netball Team 2017

First Match of the season against St Marys Marnhull.


Year 2 Multiskills

Year 2 went to Gillingham Secondary School and took part in a multiskills competition, they took part in many different challenges involving balls, skittles, cones, running and jumping. The whole afternoon was led by Gillingham School year 9 Young Leaders.

Below are a few pictures taken from the event.



Hockey Tournament Year 5 and 6 March 2017

Report by Will H

Swimming Gala March 2017

We took part in a Swimming Gala at St Marys Marnhull there were lots of different races we entered. Most of races were 2 lenghts of the pool. We competed in Front Crawl, Breast Stroke and Back Stroke races and also lots of relays.

Football Tournament Year 3 and 4 March 2017

Report by Joe F

Interhouse Dodgeball Competition March 2017

Winners Sandways