School Council



The School Council at St George’s has been actively running for the last eight years, it is run by elected representatives from each of our classes.  We hold regular meetings on Tuesday mornings, where we discuss any suggestions or questions that has been raised during the week. We also hold weekly Class sessions, this enables use to stay in contact with all of our pupils.
We have our own notice board where we post the minutes of our meetings, and a suggestion box for all the school to use, including the adults.

The School Council has made some huge differences to our school, some of the things that we have been busy doing are :-

– Organised and ran a school family quiz
– Organised and ran a table for the Village Fete
– We helped to organise and vote for a new quiet area within our school playground. (Click here for more information)
– We have discussed and selecting new play equipment using our Sainsbury’s vouchers
– Selected new Summer Play equipment from funds raised
– Discussed and always responded to pupil suggestions
– Helped to put the School Development Plan into child-friendly language
– Orangised Sports relief activities
– Helped to decide on our school Star Awards System
– Represented our school at the Pyramid Pupil Council

– Represented the Pyramid at County Pupil Level

– Decided on a two year cycle of Charities to support

– Designed logo’s for our House Teams

– Organised for a shed to store our playground games

– Organised a fundraising event (a disco) for our commitment to a school inGhana   through our LINK project


2016-2017 Elected Council are:
Chair :-  Skyla

Vice Chair :-  William G

Scribe :-  Harriet

Year 6 Representatives :-  Will H and Freya B

Year 5 Representatives :-  Bailey and Elizabeth

Year 4 Representatives :-  Elsie and Sebastian

Year 3 Representatives :-  Joshua and Amelia

Year 2 Representatives :-  Lucas PT and Bryony

Year 1 Representatives :-  Molly and Billy

  Reception Representatives :- Phoebe S and Dexter

Please click below to see what has been happening at our meetings.

16th May 2017

11th October 2016

9th February 2016

19th January 2016

5th January 2016

24th November 2015

10th November 2015

20th October 2015

6th October 2015

22nd September 2015


Car Wash Cafe Day

We organised a car wash, cafe day held at St George’s.

Click here to see how we got on.


Haiti – Non-Uniform Day

Thankyou for your generous donations. We raised an amazing £131.06. School council decided this money was to be given to SHELTERBOX. A box has been labelled as “St George’s Primary School” and you can track its progress at


Carol Concert – Oxfam Unwrapped

Thankyou for your generous donations. we raised a wonderful £90 for oxfam unwrapped. The School Council decided to spend this money on:

A Goat Couple, Fix a Well and Plant an Allotment.

To find out more visit