Victorious Sandways win Sports Day. By Harriet and Elizabeth

On Monday the 26th of June our school had its annual sports day competition with the winning team being Sandways while Chaffeymore came second and Queen Oak came in third.

Gold Base’s tricky obstacle race:

Every year the Year 6’s create an obstacle course for the opening Sport’s Day race. This year we had to throw a beanbag in the cauldron,  dribble a ball through a metal marker with a hockey stick , crawl under the parachute, run over Jacob’s ladder, finally jump over or crawl under the huddles.


In the first sprint from Rainbow Base, Sonny from sandways won the race giving Sandways a start in the lead. The first sprint from Blue Base was Lucas. In Silver Base their last race was won by Joe. In Gold Base the first race was won by Harriet .

Robin Hood race :

In Gold Base they ran a Robin Hood race which included getting dressed as Robin Hood with a bow and arrow , a hat and a toy horse. Then you had to run to a target board and fire the arrow. The results were Chaffeymore came first giving them three points, in second place was Sandways giving them two points and in third place was Queen Oak which gave them one point.





Pyramid race :

Gold Base’s second race involve building pyramids using triangular hurdles. In this race you had to run up with a yellow hurdle and then place it down. The next person places the other yellow hurdle next to the first then the third person has to run up with the green hurdle and place it on top of the yellow hurdles, making a pyramid.


At the end of Sports Day we had a toddler’s race and adults race. Then we found out who won the overall day – it was lucky Sandways.