Sports Day surprise!

On the 26th of June, St Georges school pupils took part in their annual Sports Day. Three teams – Chaffeymore, Sandways and Queen Oak – all took part in the event. The children are placed into a team as soon as they join the school. Champions Chaffeymore were hoping to get their sixth win on the bounce after many years of dominating the competition. Rivals Sandways and Qeen Oak wanted to break their long run. It started with Gold base doing their traditional obstacle course which Chaffeymore won. One of the funniest races was when Silver Base had to crawl along the track.


It finished with the long and short relay. Sandways just won the short relay but Will ran like a bullet to win the long relay for Chaffymore. The scores were close yet  Sandways ended Chaffeymores’ record run by grasping their first win since 2009 by beating Chaffeymore by 8 points.

Sandways ran round the track as a lap of honour after captains Adam and Freya lifted the trophy.