Buzzing bug hotels By Rosie and Poppy

On the 27/06/17 Gold Base made their very own bug hotels. They used a variety of nature including

  • leafs
  • bark
  • wood shavings
  • moss
  • bamboo
  • grass
  • clovers
  • sticks
  • straw

They didn’t use anything that was growing.

First Gold Base cut their bottles in half.

Then they all went on a walk in the grounds to fill up both bottle halves with natural items.

This is two of the children collecting nature.

Next they emptied their bottles onto their table and collected what they needed from the table.

After that bamboo and long sticks where sawed into reasonable lengths.

Then they filled the bottles with layers of thing that they had collected.

After they had finished some of Gold Base wrapped string around their bottle to hang them up.

Finally they stuck a peace of paper onto the bottle so they could take them home.

This is a child in Gold Base hanging up her bug house in a tree.