Activities week – tumble traps

In bug week Gold Base made tumble traps to capture some creepy criters. Here’s how we made them:

First we collected: a cup, a trowl, a piece of card and a out of date banana (at least it looked out of date).

We walked around the school grounds to find a sutible place for our trap. Then we dug a hole the same depth as the cup and placed the cup in it. Then we filled in any space around the cup with soil so bugs could get in.

Next we put in a small slice of banana to lure the bugs in and catch any who got in from getting hungry.

Then we found a short stick and used it to prop up the piece of card, this would stop any rain from getting in but still let in the bugs.

Then we waited for 24 hours. We repeated this with multiple cups. The next day we went to check our traps, some of the traps were successful. We found beetles, woodlice and loads of ants.

It was a fun and cheerful activity, we all really enjoyed it.